Fingerprint Counting Worksheets Activities – Free Printables

Welcome, parents, to a world of creative and educational fun! At Little Legends Hub, we believe in making learning an exciting adventure for your little ones. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our Fingerprint Counting  Worksheets Activities, a unique and engaging way to teach your children numbers 0-10.

What is Fingerprint Activity?

Fingerprint activities involve using fingerprints to create art, learn, and play. It’s a hands-on approach that captivates children’s imagination while enhancing fine motor skills.

Fingerprint Counting Worksheets are fun and educational activities where kids use their fingerprints to engage with numbers. These worksheets typically feature outlines of numbers, and children fill them in by stamping their fingers on ink pads and then onto the worksheet. The goal is to make learning numbers interactive and creative, allowing children to count and explore numerical concepts in an enjoyable way.


Before we dive into the world of fingerprint counting, let’s gather the supplies you’ll need:

  • Washable ink pads in various colors
  • White paper or cardstock
  • Wet wipes for easy cleanup

10 Fingerprint Counting Worksheets Activities

Fingerprint Numbers Worksheet

Fingerprint Numbers Worksheet

Caterpillar Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Caterpillar Fingerprint Counting

Ice Cream Cone  Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Ladybird Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Apple Tree Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Fall Leaf Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Toadstool Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Snake Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Flower Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Fish Fingerprint Counting Worksheet

Benefits for Kids

  • Enhanced Fine Motor Skills: Fingerprinting promotes dexterity and control, aiding in the development of fine motor skills crucial for writing and other daily activities.
  • Numeracy Skills: Our printables specifically target counting from 0-10, laying the foundation for strong numeracy skills.
  • Creativity: Fingerprint art encourages creativity and self-expression, fostering a love for learning.

How to Use the Fingerprint Counting Printables ?

  • Download and Print: Head to to download the printables. Print them on white paper or cardstock for durability.
  • Choose an Activity: Select a fingerprint counting activity that suits your child’s interest.
  • Ink Up and Stamp: Dip your child’s fingertip in washable ink and stamp it on the designated areas on the printable.

Fingerprint Counting Worksheets – FREE Printables

Engage your little ones in these ten exciting fingerprint counting activities:

Different Methods of Playing

  • Count and Explore: As your child creates fingerprints, count together and explore the vibrant world of numbers.
  • Color Recognition: Ask your child to use different colored fingerprints for added color recognition practice.
  • Storytelling: Create imaginative stories based on the fingerprint characters, enhancing language skills.
  • Group Play: Invite friends for a fingerprint counting playdate, encouraging social interaction.

Learning has never been this much fun! Our Fingerprint Counting Worksheets are designed to make education an enjoyable journey for your little ones. Visit, download these engaging activities, and unlock a world of learning through creativity and play. Happy fingerprint counting!

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